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another update because I can't sleep

I can't sleep.

I wrote this.

it's generic and boring, don't even bother.

On this night in mid May
My face is nervous and red
Take my hand but gently
Can’t wait to see you again

On this night in late June
My eyes are still bright
The fireflies cover our path
Kissing under a streetlight

Some night in July
My smile is still there
You can let go of my hand
I’ll enjoy the summer air

A night in late August
Push me on a swing
Ignore the tears on my face
They don’t mean a thing

Two nights later that month
I’m just waiting for your call
Haven’t talked to you in days
Just worried that’s all

Your friend questioned me
Said “doesn’t it bother you?
That he’ll notice everyone
But you he’ll look right though.”

I know you had fun tonight
All your friends told me
I guess I wasn’t wanted
But why would I be?

I wish things didn’t change
I want to wrestle in the grass
And kiss by the ocean
Enjoy letting time pass

The last day of August
This relationship’s unfair
You never seem to notice
Just how much I care.
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Deleted comment

I think it sucks.
but still thankyou!
your words are pretty

like your FACE!

that shouldve been insulting...